Tutorial Propellerads Sign Up New Account


Hello everyone, today I want to share with you about the Tutorial on how to register a new account propellerads (Propellerads Sign Up). Many ask me how to register a propellerads account because it is not what it used to be. 

Propellerads now uses two different sites. First there's Propellerads.com and the second is monetag.com. These two sites are different. This Propellerads.com is used to those who want to advertise their product. Meanwhile, this monetag.com is for those who want to earn ancillary income through propellerads by sharing their advertising links to social media or our own website. 

How To SignUp Propellerads?

  • First, please go to the site : publisher.monetag .
  • After that, click registry.
  • Account type? Please select Individual for Personal.

Next, complete the required details, e.g. first name, email, address & Phone Number. If it's done later, please click Next.

After that, further details do not need to fill in can. Continue to go to the bottom - click accept terms - verify rechapta and click the signup button.

That's how to register a new account for propellerads. It's easy! if you have already managed to do it. Please check your email for verification process. Anything is safe fighting and good luck to you. Bye


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